About Specialty Underwater Services

Specialty Underwater Services (SUS) specializes in underwater marine construction including bridges, dams, pipelines, intakes, outfalls, inspection services, piers and wharfs and other public safety and local agency needs.

Our ability to successfully perform these types of projects attracts work from general contractors and engineering firms, to power companies and environmental firms, as well as federal entities and DOTs. 

Working from two geographic locations, Pittsburgh, PA and Baltimore, MD, allows us to quickly mobilize and respond to all types of projects and emergencies throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast region.

We are proud of our relationships with existing clients and are confident their recommendations, along with our portfolio of experience, demonstrate our ability to deliver a quality product consistently across various industries. 

Whether it is a simple one-day job, a multi-faceted project, or an open maintenance contract, we have a veteran staff with extensive experience in commercial diving and heavy marine construction available to safely and successfully complete the task.